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Listen, senior year of high school is a big deal. This year represents a huge turning point in your life. It's the beginning of a new season of  independence and discovering who you are. High school can be a trying time in your life, why not celebrate all your hard work and the closing of this chapter with stunning photos that encapsulate that.

Senior portraits with Delainy are so much more than an hour of shooting and professional images. Working with Delainy is experience centered. It looks like receiving one-on-one fashion guidance, professional hair styling, hours of shooting time, and unlimited outfit changes. Each package includes multiple locations in order to add a ton of variety to your senior portraits.

Delainy’s photographic style is unlike anything else in Utah County. With experience working in the fashion industry, Delainy works with bold colors and unique angles & poses to make you feel like a professional model– even with no experience in front of the camera. She’ll guide you in styling, finding stunning locations, and making sure you are posed and feel comfortable. Most of all, these photos will showcase who you are, in your most unapologetic form.


Senior portraits truly are an investment. These photos are meant to be showcased in the school year book, on Grandma's wall, and maybe one day they'll even be shown to your children! It's essential to look for a photographer with a timeless and clean editing style, but who is also able to capture your personality through the images. 

Delainy Winter Photography offers a luxury senior portrait experience with a variety of packages to choose from to fit each individual budget. Every package includes professional styling and three hours of shooting with multiple locations and outfit changes. Each package offers a variety of custom prints, albums, and wall art.


Senior Collections start at $850.00

Inquire for the full pricing magazine.


Delainy is a firm believer than there is absolutely no such thing as "unphotogenic" and you shouldn't require a special occasion to invest in stunning images. Most think of self-care as taking a bath or going to bed early– but who said self-care can't include dressing glam and taking jaw dropping photos. Anyone can be a model, especially when partnering with the right photographer. That's why she created this session.

Editorials are meant to tell a story. They are individually curated to each client in order to showcase the individual's personality. These photos are typically shot in a studio or at an iconic location such as the Bonneville Salt Flats, but the options are endless. 

Editorials include an in person or over the phone planning session, a professional style guide, and the option to add professional hair and makeup. These photos can be used for branding, a modeling portfolio, or a special occasion, but no special occasion is required to book an editorial. 

Fashion Portraits start at $600.00

Inquire for full pricing magazine.

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